Just follow the simple steps below
Beneficiary Name: Interactive Brokers LLC
Remittance Country: United States of America
Transaction amount: Select the currency from the drop-down and enter the amount you want to transfer
Beneficiary Account/IBAN Number: 40806826UXXXXXXX (You will be provided your unique ID after the "U")
Beneficiary Country: United States of America
Beneficiary Flat/Unit Number: 1
Beneficiary Building Name: Pickwick Plaza
Beneficiary Street/Area Name: Connecticut 06830
Beneficiary City Name: Greenwich
Email: Leave blank
Phone Number: Leave blank
Fedwire: Click the orange Fedwire to search, and search by entering the Swift Code: CITIUS33XXX and ABA: 021000089 - Then scroll down slightly to find the one with CITIUS33XXX as the swift code and select it.
Bank Name and Bank Address: Will automatically populate after that
Details of Transfer: Select "Reference for Beneficiary"
Purpose of Transfer: Your Account Number and Name
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