It is true that buying ETFs directly from the fund providers would be cheaper however Sarwa makes sure that the minimal fee you are charged is more than worth the amount you save when investing otherwise.

Below are a few reasons why it’s better to buy ETFs from Sarwa than the fund provider:

We believe in understanding you and your goals so we use algorithms to understand your risk profile and assign you a portfolio of ETFs that is suitable to you. If you were to build a ETF portfolio yourself and maintain it, that would require a lot of time and effort.

When you invest with Sarwa, you get access to a professional wealth advisor, who can advise you on how to approach your short and long term financial goals at no extra cost.

Rebalancing (and the emotions that come with it)
Sarwa offers free automatic rebalancing, which ensures that your current allocation does not deviate from your target allocation. This allows you to stay on track for your long term goals. Investing by yourself would mean that you would have to ensure that you trade on a regular basis to rebalance your portfolio and this means extra (hidden) costs: fees for buying and selling ETFs.

Dividend Reinvesting
When you invest in Stock ETFs, there will be some companies that offer dividends. Sarwa automatically reinvests those dividends for you meaning you have less to worry about. Investing on your own would mean that you’d have to wait for these dividends to be sent to your bank account then re-think about where to reinvest them.

*Everything mentioned above is included in the wrap fee that Sarwa charges.
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