Investing often starts out with a purpose. Some examples we’ve heard of previously include saving for your child’s future, creating wealth or even a life-time supply of shawarma.

At Sarwa, our goal in financial planning is to ensure our clients’ have all the information needed to make the best possible decisions to achieve their objectives. While we don’t lock you in or force you, we recommend and guide you in Sarwa fashion – with simplicity & transparency.

Usually, clients pick from any or all of the following sessions we’re more than happy to accommodate:

(a) Personal finance assessment:

Understanding your finances, and more importantly your expenses, is a daunting task – trust me, we understand. However sparing a couple of minutes with a wealth advisor today, could save you years of unnecessary costs tomorrow. Invest in future you.

(b) Objective-driven planning:

Each one of us have a goal before we invest, something to achieve – some call it freedom, others define it as purpose. One thing’s for sure though, each of us are unique in our own way and the same goes for our financial objectives. However, “a goal without a plan is just a wish”. Find your path to freedom, or purpose – your call.

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