Sarwa Company Values


Sarwa Company Values

The values of Sarwa are those that the entire founding team saw to be essential to the identity of the company. These define the core of what we value in our own contribution and in our teams. The more these values sound like you, and describe people you want to work with, the more likely you will thrive at Sarwa.



Perhaps the fundamental quality that needs to underline everything about how we work, how we deal with clients and each other. This means always striving to be transparent, even when you can’t go into knitty-gritty details, and to remember to honor the trust of those you deal with. Only by safeguarding trust can we succeed in the long run. 



Startup life is not comfortable and for every up there is also a down, a period of crunch for all the best victories. Keeping an atmosphere of compassion goes a long way towards making this a place where we love to work. This means always looking to be helpful with solutions, pulling your team up by encouraging those around you, and going the extra mile to bring the team together.


Growth mindset

This is a growing company and the best and only way to enjoy the ride is to grow with it. You can always do what you’re doing better. Your job description is only your starting point, there’s so much to do and explore. Be ambitious and creative with exploring opportunities. Be curious, look for new things to learn, new ways of doing things. Be humble, knowing you’re never done growing and learning. Be confident that you can change towards bigger and better impact! We want Sarwa to feel limitless and you should treat yourself the same way.



Everyone is responsible for building Sarwa, pushing it forward and turning it into a great company. Strive to always feel connected to the mission of Sarwa as a whole. Your project. This means not being content with just “doing your job”. Be curious about how the whole thing works! What can help it reach its goals better? This also means remembering that teams, positions etc.. are just ways to organize. What matters is the success of the whole. Conversely, strive to lead, and to push those around you to excel.


Execute: Get your work out the door and make it count!

Ideas and values are only the beginning, the foundation. But without execution to materialize them, they are wasted. Start with the end in sight. How can you make your ambition a reality? Break it down into steps! Get the pieces moving. Not tomorrow. Now! Talk is cheap. The ability to go beyond and realise is what has and must continue to set us apart.


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