How can I transfer funds internally between two Interactive Brokers accounts

To transfer funds internally between two Interactive Brokers accounts, you will first need to link both accounts together.
Guidelines for linking existing accounts:
  • To request a link to an existing account, you must have an Interactive Brokers Secure Login System security device.
  • The email addresses, account titles, tax IDs, legal IDs and physical addresses associated with the accounts you want to link must be the same.
  • You must link ALL accounts associated with you. You cannot link a subset of accounts.
  • Once the accounts have been linked, the unique usernames and passwords for the accounts to be linked with this account will no longer function. The username and password associated with your account will function for all linked accounts.
  • Once the accounts have been linked, the highest level security device among the linked accounts will automatically become the active security device.
  • If you begin a new account application for an existing matching account, you will be asked to link the accounts.
Steps for linking both accounts:
  • Log-in to your Independent Interactive Brokers Portal.
  • Go to Settings --> Account Settings.


  • Go to ‘Create, More, Link, or Partition an account’.


  • Select ‘Link All of my Existing Accounts Under a Single Username and Password’.


  • Link both accounts by filling in the necessary account information.
To transfer the funds internally, go back to the Main Page:
  • Select Transfer and Pay.
  • Internal Transfer between accounts.
  • Pick the correct source account and fill in the details of the amount and transfer the funds.
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