Do you have Halal Investment Planning?

Yes we do!

Sarwa’s halal investment portfolios are created specifically for those complying with Islamic laws. The portfolios are made up of companies that follow Islamic laws and principles of investing. In other words, these companies do not profit from industries that contradict Islamic values such as alcohol, gambling, tobacco, pork, interest, and others.

The halal portfolios consist of a globally diversified portfolio of Blackrock Index-trading exchange traded funds (ETFs) and Franklin Templeton Sukuk Fund. The ETFs included in these portfolios are:

  •         IGLN (Gold)
  •         ISDU (US Stocks)
  •         ISDW (Global Stocks)
  •         ISDE (Emerging Market Stocks)
  •         FTGSWQD.MFU (Sukuk)


Click here to discover more details related to the ETFs included in our halal portfolios, and a general idea of the asset allocations.

You can start investing in our halal portfolios with a minimum of only US$500, based on a risk level that you’re comfortable with. Risk levels can range from Very Conservative to Aggressive growth, see here to get a better understanding of how asset allocation can determine different risk levels. It should be noted that halal investment portfolios have higher risk than other portfolios, as well as higher return. This is because they consist of only equities, which means they do not include a fixed income to decrease risk. However, they are still diversified.

If you are also wondering whether or not halal portfolios can be customised, the short answer is no, they cannot. Our portfolios are pre-made to align with Sarwa’s standards: diversified and low-cost!


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