How are my returns calculated by position?

For each existing position you currently hold in your account, you can see the following information under "Your holdings" (see image below):

    1. Shares: number of shares held of that stock
    2. Average price: average entry price for that stock
    3. Value: total value for that position
    4. Total return: total return for that position

How is average entry price calculated? The average entry price refers to the average price you have paid to enter this position. For example if you buy 1 share of the stock at $100 at one time and 2 shares worth of that stock at $115, then the average entry price for that position is $110.

Average entry price = total price paid/ total number of shares bought

Using the above example:
Average entry price = $330/3= $110


Total return per position ($) = Total Market Value  - Total Purchase Price


Total return per position (%) = Current Market Value of Asset / Average Entry Price



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