What documents are required to open an account?

We require 3 initial documents from you:

1. A valid copy of your passport
We also accept the front and back of Emirates ID if you are a resident of the UAE
or front and back of GCC ID if you are a resident of the GCC.

2. A valid proof of address document
We accept any of the below documents as long as they have both your name and residential address:

  • Utility/Telecom Bill
  • Bank Statement
  • National address
  • Work accommodation letter
  • Hotel contract
  • Signed/stamped lease/tenancy contract

If the proof of address is not under your name, kindly attach a valid passport copy of the person whose name is on the proof of address as supporting documentation. 

3. A live selfie of yourself that you will take during the on-boarding process 

*Additional documents may be requested if deemed as necessary by our team.

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