What are the benefits of a joint account?

You may prefer to opt for a joint account, as opposed to an individual account, for the following reasons:

1. It can be easier to manage a single investment account which is held jointly, rather than manage multiple individual accounts for couples or other family members.

2. Costs can be reduced as by having more assets under a one investment account you will reach the thresholds for the lower priced plans faster.

3. Each joint account holder has equal access to the account with the ability to both fund and withdraw.

4. Estate planning can be simplified. With joint accounts, the joint account holder automatically takes full ownership of the account upon the other account holder's death.

Ultimately, a joint account is one of the easiest ways to allow another person to have unrestricted control over financial assets. They work best in situations in which both account holders contribute roughly equal amounts of money to the account. If both account holders have similar investment goals and the desire to reach those goals together, then a common pot of investable assets can be the best way to chart your progress.

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