How and when are dividends paid out in Sarwa Invest?

For Sarwa Invest, your dividends are initially directed to the cash allocation in your portfolio. Once enough dividends accumulate, they are automatically reinvested into your existing ETF portfolio as part of a rebalancing exercise.

When you invest in a company or purchase shares of a publicly traded entity, you become a shareholder. This means that you’re also entitled to a cut of the profits as a reward for buying shares in the company. This payout is known as a dividend, and is classified as income.
When you hold shares of an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), you are also entitled to receive the dividend distributions that have been paid by the individual holdings or companies within the ETF. These distributions are paid to you as an investor at varying intervals depending on your portfolio. ETFs dividend distribution schedules can vary between monthly, quarterly, or even semi-annual payouts. Each fund has a different expected distribution schedule. Below are the anticipated dividend payout schedules and access to view the historical distributions per fund.
Please note that future distribution of dividend payouts are not guaranteed based on historical records, however they serve as a good indicator of expected future payments.
Conventional Portfolio
BNDX Monthly Historical Distributions  
BND Monthly  Historical Distributions 
VNQ Quarterly Historical Distributions 
IEFA Semi Annually Historical Distributions 
VTI Quarterly Historical Distributions 
VWO Quarterly Historical Distributions 
SRI Portfolio
BNDX Monthly Historical Distributions 
BND Monthly Historical Distributions 
VNQ Quarterly Historical Distributions 
SUSA Quarterly  Historical Distributions 
ESGD Semi Annually  Historical Distributions 
ESGE Semi Annually  Historical Distributions 

Halal Portfolio 
ISDU Semi Annually      Historical Distributions 
ISWD Semi Annually  Historical Distributions 
ISDE Semi Annually Historical Distributions 
FTGSWQD Quarterly  Historical Distributions
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