How do I fund my account via debit card?

To fund your Sarwa account directly through your debit card, kindly follow the steps below:

Step 1: Add a Debit Card

  • Select the Wallet icon in the navigation bar
  • Select “Fund Your Account” and click on the current payment method that is shown
  • Select “Add Debit Card”
  • Input all the required information

Step 2: Fund Your Account

  • Navigate back to “Fund Your Account”
  • Select whether you wish to fund your Sarwa Invest or Sarwa Trade account
  • Select the debit card you wish to transfer from
  • Input the amount (you will see the amount invested in USD)
  • Confirm the deposit (you will be asked for an OTP to verify the transaction) 

*Please note that this feature is only available on the Sarwa app.
* Please note that the debit card must be under your name.

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