What is Sarwa Save?

Sarwa Save is a secure offering that provides you with high returns for your savings. We offer a Halal option as well, with no lock-in period and a minimum as low as $500.

We have partnered with Saxo Bank to offer this low-risk solution for cash savings that you may need access to in the short-term. 


Sarwa Save:

Sarwa Save keeps your funds in cash (USD) while paying out a high return on a monthly basis. The interest is expressed annually, paid out monthly, and accrued daily. Your funds sit with Saxo Bank, and as they are not invested, can be quickly accessed. 
The current rate of return for Sarwa Save is 3% annually. 


Sarwa Save (Halal):

Our Halal option invests your funds in low-risk money market funds (specifically the Emirates Islamic MMF), which consist of cash and cash-equivalent securities projecting a high annual return. Although money market funds are considered low-risk, it is important to note that all investments come with some degree of risk.

With Sarwa Save (Halal), there will be no interest payments to your account, rather your total portfolio balance should increase by the projected amount.
The current projected rate of return for Sarwa Save Halal is 3% annually. 

Once your funds are invested, they sit with Saxo Bank's custodian partner, Citibank, until you decide to liquidate your assets and withdraw them. 


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