The average entry price refers to the average price you have paid to enter this position. For example, if you buy 1 share of the stock at $100 at one time and 2 shares worth of that stock at $115, then the average entry price for that position is $110.

Average entry price = total price paid/ total number of shares bought

Using the above example: Average entry price = $330/3= $110

What if you sell some stocks? We utilize a FIFO calculation (First In, First Out)

• So the 1st stocks that were purchased are the first ones sold

• Then the average price is based off the remaining stocks only

Please note this calculation includes all intra day trades in that asset, regardless if it was sold and then rebought on the same day. We utilize:

-Weighted Average for "intraday positions" (positions from intraday trades)

-Compressed FIFO for the end-of-day positions (positions from previous trading days)

📝 For corporate actions like stock splits or reverse stock splits, the data on your dashboard may take some time to update. The average price will be update accordingly after the corporate action is performed.

To learn more about our brokers method of calculating average price, please visit the link here: 

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