What will my money be invested in?

Based on your selected portfolio, we will invest in a basket of securities best suited to your risk level.


For Conventional and Socially Responsible Investing portfolios, we currently consider the following asset classes:


1. US Stocks represent an ownership share in U.S.-based corporations. The U.S. has the largest economy in the world. Even though significant historical drawdowns, such as the crisis of 2008, demonstrate the possible risk of investing in equities, the U.S. economy is still one of the most resilient and active in the world.

2. Foreign Developed Market Stocks represent an ownership share in companies headquartered in developed economies like Europe, Australia, and Japan. Foreign Developed Markets represent a significant part of the world economy.

3. Emerging Market Equities represents an ownership share in foreign companies in developing economies such as Brazil, China, India, South Africa, and Taiwan. Compared with developed countries, developing countries have younger demographics, expanding middle classes, and faster economic growth. We expect them to deliver higher returns than U.S. Stocks and Foreign Developed Markets Stocks for the long term.

4. US Bonds including:

- Government Bonds are debt issued by the U.S./Developed Markets federal government and agencies to fund various spending programs. U.S. Government Bonds provide steady income, low historical volatility and low correlation with stocks.

-Corporate Bonds are debt issued by U.S./Developed Markets corporations with investment-grade credit ratings to fund business activities. They offer higher yields than U.S. Government Bonds due to higher credit risk, illiquidity, and callability.

5. Emerging Market Bonds are debt issued by governments and quasi-government organizations from emerging market countries. They offer higher yields than developed market bonds.

6. Real Estate is accessed through publicly traded U.S. real estate investment trusts (REITs) that own commercial properties, apartment complexes, and retail space.


For Halal portfolios, we currently consider the following asset classes:

  1. US Stocks
  2. Emerging Markets Stocks
  3. Global Stocks
  4. Sukuk (mutual funds)
  5. Gold

You can access specific portfolio's here.    

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