How do I withdraw funds from my Sarwa Classic (IB) account?

When it comes to withdrawing from the Classic account, there are two main steps:

Step 1:

You will have to submit a withdrawal request on your Sarwa Dashboard under the funding tab. (Make sure you select the Sarwa Classic account number). We will then liquidate the positions according to the amount requested. It takes on average 2 business days (Monday-Friday) for the cash to settle. 

Step 2:

You will need log in to your IB account and retrieve the cash once it settles. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Log into your IB account here. In case you are having any trouble logging in, you can refer to their customer support page here.

  2. Go to the menu tab under Transfer & Pay >> Transfer Funds

  3. Select make a withdrawal

  4. Select Bank Wire

  5. Fill in the required fields:

    • Account Nickname - Nickname you want to give to that bank account

    • Where will the fund be deposited? - Select Bank if you are withdrawing to a bank

    • Bank Country - Select the country

    • Bank Account type - Select international Bank account number i.e IBAN

    • IBAN - Enter your bank account IBAN

  6. Confirm correspondent bank information - Select CITIBANK (N.A Preferably). If not available any of the above can work

  7. Press Continue

  8. Review to ensure that all the information you provided is correct

  9. Enter your username and password

  10. Press Continue

  11. Press Finish. You have now created a bank account to which you can withdraw your funds. It should be available at the top of your withdrawal page (see picture below)

  12. Select that account (or the one you wish to withdraw to if you have many)

  13. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw (you can only withdraw the amount that is in cash available for withdrawal)

  14. Press create withdrawal

Too lazy to read? Watch this video covering all the steps:

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