How do I fund my account using easy funding?

To fund your Sarwa account directly through your Sarwa dashboard, it is a simple process to follow. Please note that Easy funding is only available on the Sarwa app, and is only for Sarwa accounts with UAE bank accounts. Also, make sure to download the most recent version of the app.

You can see a step by step guide here:

Step # 1: Add bank account:

  • Go to fund, easy funding (UAE)
  • Click on add bank, set up payments, and select your bank
  • Input all the required information

Step # 2: Fund your account:

  • Go to fund, easy funding (UAE)
  • Click on the bank account you wish to transfer from
  • Click on the Sarwa X account you wish to deposit into
  • Type in how much you wish to transfer (you will see the amount invested in USD), click on continue
  • Confirm the deposit
  • Continue the process until the end - it may differ slightly from one bank to another

And thats it!

You can see this video below as well: 

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