How do I manually fund my Sarwa account?

To manually fund your Sarwa account, kindly follow the instructions mentioned here: 

Step 1: Make the transfer
Add Sarwa as a beneficiary in your bank app and make the transfer
(please include the Sarwa account number you wish to fund as a reference).

Our Bank Account details can be found here: 

Step 2: Notify Sarwa that you've made the transfer

- Log in to the Sarwa mobile app
- Click on the wallet icon in the middle bottom menu
- Select Fund Your Account
- Select which account you would like to fund (Invest or Trade) 
- Click on "Wire Transfer" 
- Pick the currency you transferred with
- Input the amount you transferred
- Click on “I’ve transferred X amount” 

*Step 2 is crucial to avoid any processing delays.

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🚨 Please note we cannot split one transaction into multiple accounts. We can only allocate one transaction to one Sarwa account. However, you can then make inter-account transfers between your Sarwa accounts to split the funds if you would like.

Another important note: If you register a deposit slip in our system or fund via linked bank, you will receive an email once your deposit is received.

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