⚠️ Please note that this feature is only available on the Sarwa app, and is only for Sarwa accounts with UAE bank accounts.

To sync your bank account in the Sarwa mobile app and fund via the mobile app, please follow the instructions below:

Step  1: Sync bank account:
-Go into the Sarwa mobile app
-Click on the "Fund" wallet icon at the middle bottom menu
-Click on "Fund Your Account"
-Select the account you wish to fund (Invest, Save, Trade)
-Click on “Link UAE bank account"->  "Continue"
-Select your Bank->  "Agree and Continue"
-You will now be securely redirected to your bank’s login page
-Enter your credentials and click on Secure Login
-Your account will now be linked and we will add ourselves as a beneficiary

-> Please note the above step must be done only once for the first deposit to sync your bank account. After this, the bank account will be synced and for future deposits, you can simply follow Step 2 only.

Step 2: Fund your account:
- Click on the wallet icon in the middle bottom menu
- Select Fund Your Account
- Select which account you would like to fund (Invest, Save, Trade)
- Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click on "Continue"
- Click on "Deposit" to process the transfer
- Confirm payment

⚠️ To delink your bank account, click on "Fund" wallet icon then select "Fund my Account"-> Click on “Fund from”-> Click on “Edit” at the right top corner of the screen-> Under Linked Accounts, click on the bin icon next to the linked bank you wish to delete.

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