Understanding Sarwa Trade Messages

While you’re trading via Sarwa Trade, you will encounter various pop-up messages (which serve as notice messages). It's important to understand what these messages mean to trade smoothly:

  • "Couldn't place your order: Insufficient buying power": This means you currently have pending orders impacting your buying power. Should you wish to proceed, please cancel the pending orders (and wait for full cancellation).
  • "Couldn't close your position":
    • Error 1: Insufficient quantity available for order: You are trying to close your position, however, you have a pending sell order placed for the same asset. To close your position, kindly ensure you cancel any pending sell orders (and wait for full cancellation).
    • Error 2: Denied due to Pattern-Day Trading protection: You have completed 3- day trades in the past 5 business days (including today) and your equity is less than $25,000. https://help.sarwa.co/hc/en-us/articles/4410508256657-What-is-Pattern-Day-Trading 
  • "Insufficient non-marginable buying power": It looks like you're using "unsettled funds" to try to purchase Crypto. Once you sell a stock or ETF, the funds must settle for one business day (Monday-Friday) before you can use them to purchase Crypto.
  • "Crypto orders not allowed for this account": It looks like Sarwa Crypto isn't available in your country! Please refer to this article for general eligibility details: https://help.sarwa.co/hc/en-us/articles/4407324496017-Who-can-open-a-Sarwa-account 
  • "Asset is not tradable": This means the asset could be halted on the exchange or is a PTP security and cannot be traded at this time. Please contact our support team.
  • "Asset is not active": This means the asset is not available for trading. The asset could be undergoing ADR termination which means the security is not tradable. Clients who still hold the ADRs after the expiration date typically receive a cash payout from the depository bank. If the asset is delisted and trading OTC (over-the-counter), we can place an OTC order on your behalf. Please contact our support team. If the security is not quoted or traded on the OTC market, it means there is no market for this security.
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