“Sarwa DIFC” consolidation to “Sarwa ADGM”

Sarwa Digital Wealth Limited (“Sarwa DIFC”) consolidation to Sarwa Digital Wealth (Capital) Limited (“Sarwa ADGM”)

The below is in reference to clients whose accounts were governed under Sarwa Digital Wealth Limited (“Sarwa DIFC”), meaning clients who own a Sarwa Classic (Uxxxxxx) account in partnership with IBKR (Interactive Brokers LLC). These accounts will be migrated on March 15th, 2024 to one entity governed under Sarwa Digital Wealth (Capital) Limited (“Sarwa ADGM”).

Sarwa holds an Asset Management License (Prudential Category 3C) through ADGM.
In an effort to streamline our operations, we will be consolidating Sarwa to ADGM entity and closing our DIFC entity.

Account holders' relationship with Sarwa will be managed under Sarwa Digital Wealth (Capital) Limited ('Sarwa ADGM').
There will be no impact to account holders' accounts, holdings, or service received through Sarwa.
The account will continue to be maintained through IBKR (Interactive Brokers LLC) under the client's beneficial ownership.

If you have questions, please reach out to our team on transfer@sarwa.co

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