How safe is my money? What happens if Sarwa disappears?

We may seem friendly, but we’re dead-serious about safeguarding your money. All assets managed by Sarwa are secured by an elaborate set of guardrails -- or protective financial measures -- which surround all regulated financial institutions such as Sarwa.

  • YOU are the owner of your assets on the Sarwa ledgers.
  • We’re backed by top regional and internationals Investors and Venture Capitalists, such as Mubdala, 500 Startups, DIFC, Abu Dhabi Holding - ADQ, and KIPCO, just to name a few
  • We are regulated by one of the top regulators: the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA), that hold high consumer protection standards in the financial sector.
  • Your money is kept entirely separate from Sarwa's finances and is held at our custodian banks whether it's in cash or securities. It is our top priority to work with global, reputable partners and banks to ensure the safety of your money and assets. These institutions all have robust insurances behind them. At the same time, regulators closely monitor the firm’s net capital - another requirement that is in place - as a cushion for unforeseen circumstances. Financial firms are required to perform safety-checks, file detailed financials, and immediately report any problems to regulators. Sarwa has a Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) coverage in place, that protects it and complies with the requirements of our regulators.

Sometimes financial institution fails due to impropriety or through no fault of their own, but often client assets are safe. Usually, another financial firm may buy the firm's assets, and accounts will be transferred to the new custodian with very little interruption.

Typically, the regulator steps in and appoints a trustee. The firm’s office is closed while the trustee and staff go through all the ledgers and books. In general, customers are notified. Provision is made to transfer the customer accounts back to them or to another brokerage firm. In general, customers are given the choice to continue with the new assigned broker or pick a broker of choice.

What does all that mean for you? You will have the full ability to legally claim your own assets. You will also always have the option to keep or liquidate your account at any time without any additional fees.

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