How do I set up an Auto-deposit?

The Auto-deposit feature is currently only supported on the Sarwa mobile app.

Once you have your app handy, you can follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the funding drawer in the bottom navigation bar (the center green button)
  2. Select the "Create an Auto-deposit" option
  3. Select which of your invest or trade accounts you would like the auto-deposit to arrive in
  4. Select which bank you would like to deposit from 
  5. Input all the deposit details such as the amount of money, frequency, and the end date of your auto-deposit
  6. Use the step-by-step instructions provided in our app to set up this auto-deposit by using your bank's online system or their mobile app
  7. Complete all the steps required from your bank's side 
  8. Select "I've Set-up the Auto-deposit" and you are all done

Important information: setting up an auto-deposit requires you to set up the deposit on Sarwa's app and on your bank's app. If you have an auto-deposit pending for a long time, you may have missed one of those steps.

Keep in mind that some banks only support this feature in their online system, while others do so only in the app. We specified this information from UAE banks whenever possible but if you will be funding from an international bank account, you may need to reach out to them to specify this information.

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